8 August, 2017 - 31 December, 2017

Brunch on High @ Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta’s Alto

ALTO-gether Lovely
ALTO is a posh fine-diner perched 20 floors above ground with a lovely Sunday brunch serving soul-lifting Italian food that looks like art on your plates.

A great view of the Jakarta city skyline

You know you’re about to have a grand time when the chef tells you that the burrata starter on your plate is hand-carried from Italy.

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta unveils its final F&B concept on its 20th floor about half a year after it first opened its doors, and Alto is well worth the wait. Four Seasons Jakarta’s executive chef Marco Riva (see his interview on page xx) heads this Italian fine-diner and he has a grand plan for Alto: he wants to make it the best Italian fine diner possible in the city, regardless of the restrictions that he has to face in the city.

And if that means hand-carrying the burrata cheeses from Italy, he would hand-carry them from Italy.

The dedication to the cuisine and to the plates served at this beautiful noir-inspired space is humbling. Sure, fine dining can be a tad disconcerting at times. But good, hearty Italian food finds its way to the soul in any form it is in.

At Alto, it is a beautiful one.